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Matt and Kim Matone were high school sweethearts who met in a psychology class and the cross country team at East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC in 1985. It seems as if it were destined for them to start a counseling and psychology practice someday! They were married in 1993 and started their family.

Matt spent 19 years in banking and Kim had various jobs such as preschool teacher, substance abuse prevention consultant, and community organizer. When their two children got older, Kim decided to pursue a lifetime dream of becoming a mental health counselor. Matt had always dreamt of owning and operating his own business. In 2015, the stars aligned and the two decided to start a counseling practice, putting their talents together.

Why did the Matones decide to open their own therapy & counseling practice in North Carolina?
Along with both their dreams, Kim and Matt recognized a need for more accessible mental health care in Charlotte. The two had their own personal struggles in the past and had participated in various types of counseling. However, they found that it was difficult to make appointments in a timely manner and to use their insurance to obtain quality care. Matt and Kim wanted to change this for others in their community!

Their emphasis has been to help diverse populations by making behavioral health available to all segments of the community. Unlike many other private counseling practices, they accept almost every insurance plan on the market. They partner with dozens of primary care doctors, treatment centers, and specialists across the city to make quality mental health care accessible to the entire community.

Kim & Matt Matone of Matone Counseling & Testing - Charlotte & Asheville NC

Therapy, Testing & Counseling Locations

South Charlotte | Cotswold | Asheville

Charlotte has two locations in the Cotswold and South Charlotte areas. In 2020, the Matones opened their third location in Asheville, NC. Having family there and a love for the mountains, this was the perfect place to expand quality mental health care to another community they love.

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