Clinical Supervision for those seeking LCSW, LCMHC, and LCAS/CDAC licensure in North Carolina.

Matone Counseling & Testing staff members,  Adriana Blanco, MSW, LCSW, Kelsey Crowe, LCSW, LCAS, CCS, Janelle Fleck, LCMHC and Kate Walters, MA, LCAS, LCMHC, MT-BC, CCS-I provide a warm, safe mental health facility environment for developing social workers and counselors to grow and carve out their professional identities.  With a strong emphasis on ethics, social justice, and clinical development, this supervision program is an excellent environment for a supervisee to explore, learn, and mature in the mental health industry.

Each supervisory experience is personalized to meet the needs of the supervisee.  Our counselors help students through the clinical and administrative processes to gain their mental health certifications.  Sessions will focus on counseling skills, self-care and awareness, welfare of clients, and helping supervisees grow into unique professionals.  An initial, free, 15-minute consultation is offered prior to beginning the supervision relationship to ensure goodness of fit between both the supervisor and the supervisee. Please call 704-264-2973 or email to get started.


  • Kate Walters – $100 for LCMHC or LCAS, $110 for dual
  • Kelsey Crowe – $110 for LCSW or LCAS, $120 for dual
  • Janelle Fleck – $100 for LCMHC
  • Adriana Blanco – $120 for LCSW
  • Discounted rates for group supervision, depending on availability
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