One-Day Couples Workshops

Do you want a relationship snapshot check-in?  To find out your strengths and growth opportunities?  Ever wondered how your personality or family history impacts your current romantic connection?  This workshop is designed to enrich and prepare your partnership for transitions, big or small.  Come learn about yourselves, as well as ways to improve communication, conflict management, intimacy, and joint decision making.

This workshop is for anyone considering or going through:

  • marriage
  • work-life balance issues
  • cohabitation
  • extended family drama
  • moving
  • struggles with shared activities
  • expanding your family
  • empty nesting
  • career shifts
  • potential separation

Matone Counseling & Testing is offering one-day Saturday workshops to help couples ensure they are on the right path in their relationships.  This in-person workshop will use an empirically validated assessment process and will be facilitated by a PhD level Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  9:00am-3:00pm, and lunch and coffee will be provided.  This opportunity for six hours of relational therapy/coaching for only $400 would be $1,200 for equivalent session time one-on-one.  The workshop will be limited to five couples to ensure maximum attention, learning, and practice.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Saturday 01/13/2024

Saturday 02/10/2024

Saturday 03/09/2024

If you have questions about any of this, feel free to contact Daniel at  If you know you would like to go ahead and sign up, please contact Andrea at

Come and be empowered.

Prepare & Enrich Training

Are you interested in working with couples, but are a little intimidated by the process?  Do you want to improve the fundamentals of the relationship work you’re already doing?  Matone Counseling & Testing is excited to offer a day of training on a program you can use with just about any couple.  You will learn the assessment tool and how to work with couples on various relational issues (communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, finances, parenting, etc.).  The worksheets and tools are versatile enough to integrate alongside other relational models you may already be using.  But if you are not, it is empirically supported to be a standalone program as well.

This training will certify you and give you LIFETIME access and use of any materials and marketing for your own clinical work as you see fit.  This is all built into the price.  The cost will be $250 and will be from 9:00am-3:30pm on the dates below.  For the virtual trainings, the materials will be shipped directly to you, and for in person, lunch/coffee will be provided.  It will be capped at 12 to make sure each person has time to ask questions and troubleshoot their understanding of the program and process.

If you have questions about any of this, feel free to contact Daniel at  If you know you would like to go ahead and sign up, contact Andrea at

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